30 March 2009


I fell in love via Twitter...

It's true. His name is Jack Gray. He works at CNN... and well he has just the right amount of sarcasm to really speak to this girl's heart.

Here is his blog about the Love Shack that he's buying for us.

Apparently he's loaded and moving to my coast. So I think everything is going to work out just fine! I'll be visiting him in NYC in a few short weeks. We plan on making out the entire time, so please don't bother us. Thanks!

24 March 2009

Charity: Water (on CNN)

Check out this video about an exhibit in Chelsea Market in NYC. I'll be visiting it in FIVE weeks!!!

OH I have an idea!!! What if we collected money for me to take to the fountain!??!?! OMG. That would be great. Let's collect change for clean water in Africa and around the world!!! Gather up your quarters people and I'll deliver them to the fountain.


So this weekend I was complaining because I only had three or four pairs of shoes to rotate through when looking to get dressed each morning for work...

Then I was googling recycling images to post in our break room and I ran into this. It hit me like a ton of bricks... HOLY CRAP! I am unsatisfied with having too few options for fancy work shoes?!?! This person has one pair of shoes and they were made with plastic bottles... the same bottles that I watch being thrown into trash cans day in and day out. My Starbucks venti water cup would make great shoes... for those with longer, slender feet a Smart Water bottle could work nicely.

So instead of shopping for new shoes this week, which was the plan, I decided to do something a little different. I bought a pair of Tom's Shoes (I get a pair and another is given to a child in need) and I gave money to Charity: Water, which is bringing clean water to people in developing countries.

Surprisingly, my Google search resulted in a much needed reminder that I live a blessed life. To whom much is given, much is required. So let this be your reminder that if you are reading this on a computer (powered by electricity)... and if you've eaten in the last 24 hours... and if you own a pair of shoes that wasn't made from old plastic bottles, well then YOU, my friend, are rich! Praise the Lord for what you have and do something with your resources today that will bless someone else.

04 March 2009

Sing It Out Loud

This makes me sing along, tap my foot, and sway a little on my swivel chair at work.

03 March 2009

Why My Job is Better Than Your Job...

This is what we discuss at Staff Meetings

AND I received a High Five Award today for my "relentless efforts in driving our recycling program." This was after I was out sick for most of last week...

oh yeah AND I got a raise!!!

01 March 2009


My sister got married on Valentine's Day. It was a lovely wedding and her and her husband are happy to be settling into married life. (So far they tell me it's a lot like life was before.) The weekend was certainly full! I ended up coming home pretty exhausted. Here are some pics.
(Thanks to Petra who took them.)