05 October 2011

19 June 2011

Father's Day

Never raise your hand to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected. ~Red Buttons

Kids are dangerous. Thanks for putting up with us Daddy-O.

I love you!

17 June 2011

I'm Rich!

Recently I've been trying to be a better budgeter. It's been great fun to see how much we can buy with our alotted amount. We put our food cash in an envelope every Saturday and head to the farmer's market. (I highly recommend the one in Little Italy!) We buy what we want/need and then get the rest at Henry's, VONS, or Stater Brothers later in the week. I'm learning about coupons and am addicted to get1free.com.

All of this thinking about money had me wondering, do I make enough? I mean I eat every day and have all sorts of fun extras like movies and date nights, but sometimes I think "I should make more." Then I came across a nice bit of perspective, The Global Rich List allowed me to see once again that I don't only make enough, I make MORE THAN ENOUGH. So you can officially call this girl thankful and content with all I have. There is no shame in using coupons to save some dough to donate to kiva.org or to buy a new pair of toms... :-) Go ahead and type in your salary on The Global Rich List, it will blow your mind.

Now that we're planning the wedding budget... it's an even better slap in the face. I'm super excited to celebrate our love and the start of our life together with all of our friends and loved ones, and keeping the dollar amounts in context of the WORLD rather than the normal wedding budget here in the States is helpful. We are so blessed to have extra money to throw a party and not have to skip out on food just to make the bills.

16 June 2011

I'm getting married!!!!

We've started a blog that will serve as our wedding website until November and our family blog for FOREVER!


Bookmark it!

I'll still post here as an 'individual' and about travel stuff, etc. So don't get rid of me yet. I swear I'll be posting more very soon.

29 March 2011

Disney Lovin'

This made my day!!!

Expect more posts soon. I'm back in action. :-)