30 October 2007

Change of Plans

I will not be MacGyver tomorrow. :( I will be something that two and a half year olds can appreciate.... perhaps a princess or Barney. hahahahha

28 October 2007


The funniest comic I've read in awhile. :)

25 October 2007

What Lies in the Depths of a Heart

"I detest the man who hides one thing in the depths of his heart and speaks forth another."

After reading this quote, I immediately thought Homer was talking about other people. I could think of just the people he must have meant. "I know people like that," I thought. "I hate people like that!"

People who aren't real... aren't true, drive me crazy. I crave authentic. I feel safe in honesty and detest hypocrisy.

BUT do I live an authentic life? or do I hide my true heart?

To be honest I wasn't sure. I couldn't remember the last time that I had "spoke forth the depths of my heart." So in an effort to find out what may lurk in the depths of said heart I took myself on a date last week. We (Me, Myself, and I) went to dinner and a movie. We sat in a coffee shop for hours. We read a book. We loved it. I'm not sure that we were able to dig down to the core of me... but that would be a lot to expect on a first date. So all of this to say that I am officially "seeing myself" and seeking after what lies beneath the smile.

I have been a lot of things to a lot of people in the past. I have loved each of the roles that I have played: sister, girlfriend, daughter, friend, lover, leader, comedian, student. Now I am going to make an effort to not only know what lies in the depths of me but to proclaim it to those I love... no more filter... no more walls. This is scary to write. I would ask you each to hold me accountable. If it sounds like I'm delivering a load of bull, call me out. I give you permission.

So now in response to my new "calling" I would like to say that I am anxious to see how you might respond to the ugliness I hide and excited to see how you might love the loveliness inside.

22 October 2007


The evacuations are now mandatory ten minutes away from my house...

My father is napping on the roof with a hose in his hands.

Holy crap-a-moly.

What a day!

18 October 2007

a little inspiration

It's not dress rehearsal.
Live the life you've imagined!


Come check in later this week to read about how this quote and a few others led me to take myself on a date night Tuesday night. :)

17 October 2007

Petra's Grand Adventure

My sister has "run away" on a grand journey. She left to New York last week and today she flew on to Dublin. I miss her already and now that I won't be able to call her phone to bug her, I am going to miss her even more. Her blog was created today by your's truly. So check her out and follow her latest travels.

Petra, I'm so proud of you!!!

14 October 2007

My Halloween Costume: MacGyver

"How?" you ask.

"I will carry a Swiss Army knife and a roll of duct tape."

Yeah! This is going to be great fun. :)

Crack kills!

09 October 2007

Rock the Vote

The one and only Joe Freeman was apart of the group that went down to visit Los Angelitos in September. He is also a member of the VERY HOT band This Holiday Life. I am going to make a shameless plug on their behalf. They are awesome and lovely boys (men really) who need YOUR votes in an online battle of the bands hosted by MTv2. You can vote more than once, and you should! (I voted almost an hour straight while watching TV with my momma.) It's easy!!!! DO IT!!!

Check out their myspace page!

They are one of the up and coming bands on MTv2, help them out and VOTE HERE!!!


"Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within."
-James Baldwin

Inspiration on the Job

This is my inspiration as a waitress...

Gotta love some old school Electric Company Rita Moreno footage!!! (yep that's Morgan Freeman as well.)

Shout out to Mo Rocca star of the blogoshpere and often featured contestant on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me! I found this gem on his blog.

01 October 2007

Nerd Alert!!!

No point denying it any more... and there is certainly no hope that it is curable. It may just be time to suck it up and admit it...
The following is further proof that I am a NERD through and through...

My Favorite Part of the Week:

...is listening to my podcast of "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!", NPR's "oddly informative news quiz." That's correct, the highlight of my thrilling life is to listen to other people take a news quiz. I love it! I laugh so hard. I call out the answers when I know them. I've started to wish with all of my heart that one day I may win the ultimate prize... Carl Kassel's (the official scorekeeper of the show) voice on my home answering machine. I don't even OWN a home answering machine... BUT I would get one just to put his voice on it.

Check out my nerdalicious habit here!

The show will be taping live in Santa Barbara on March 27... if anyone is interested, I'm currently looking into getting tickets.