29 March 2010

Five Things I Love

I was tagged by JaymaLew to post a list of five things that I love. Here it is, a bit late... but hey it's a blog and we haven't seen one of those around here since last year, so I assume my patient readers will be gracious:

Here is my simple list (which I feel like I've already posted at some point):

I love (1) Books, (2) Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, (3) Adventures/Travel, (4) Babies, and (5) my life.

So I'm going to get a little more creative and list the Five Things That I Love TODAY:

Today I love my 'Latin America' channel on Pandora. Some ManA, some Shakira, and some Juanes and I'm all set to conquer the week. A little music to shake the hips to makes a Monday morning easier to swallow.

Today I love my oatmeal with blackberries... The perfect start to any day. A little trick for you dear readers, buy blackberries when they are on sale and freeze them... as they defrost later they are at the PERFECT level of softness (not quite mushy) to add to oatmeal or yogurt.

Today I love my outfit... I know it sounds silly, but keep reading... I made a deal with myself (aka a New Years' Resolution) that I would wear a dress or skirt at least once a week this year. So far, so good. Today I'm wearing my adorable black wedges and a flowy black and white skirt. Sometimes Monday mornings are a bit harder than the other mornings... but putting on an adorable outfit can be the extra push I need to remember that my life is good and I am cute. :-) Vanity... it can be used for good.

Today I love my clean laundry. Yesterday I was SUPER productive... and that is rare for me on a Sunday. I moved furniture and washed ALL of my dirty clothes. The only unlaundered items of clothing at my house are my pajamas from last night... those of you who know me well, know that this is a VERY RARE situation. I ALWAYS seem to have laundry that needs to be done... but tonight I have NO laundry to do. I do however need to 'wrinkle release' the clothes that are line drying and put them away... this woman's work is never done.

Today I love my book in my purse... Book Club is coming soon and I need to finish reading The Lovely Bones. I love Book Club. I love reading. I love disappearing into another world, another life, another mind... I love it all. I love that tonight I can sit in my bed (with my clean sheets!) and read for hours.