28 January 2009

Pounds of Pig

WOW!!! Sausage AND bacon wrapped in BACON!

Check out the recipe for the Bacon Explosion.

22 January 2009

Quote of the Day

"The world bursts at the seams with people ready to tell you you're not good enough. On occasion, some may be correct. But do not do their work for them. Seek any job; ask anyone out; pursue any goal. Don't take it personally when they say "no" - they may not be smart enough to say "yes."
-Keith Olbermann
(courtesy of my Starbucks cup)


This, dear reader, is my 100th published blog at Meli La Gringa!

In honor of this magnificent event, I was planning on writing 100 words to describe myself... BUT that, it turns out, is difficult. So I changed my mind.

Since one hundred is the square of 10, I am going to instead list ten words that I would use to describe myself.

1. Bubbly - I have been told that I have "a personality plus." I always assume that that is a compliment...
2. Delectable - Hello! Best describing word ever! Defined as "highly pleasing or delicious." I would like to see myself as quite a delicious dish!
3. Bookworm - I may be addicted to books, NPR, and all things mildly nerdy.
4. Fickle - I have a hard time being "sure" of things that I want. Short hair? Yes! Long hair? Yes! Brown hair? Yes! Blonde hair? Yes! I blame my father who used to make me play Devil's Advocate all time. I was basically trained from birth to see both sides of all issues... makes it difficult to pick ONE side.
5. Curious - "Why? How? What does that do?" I tend to question a lot and want to know more about just about everything.
6. Heckler - If you've ever seen me at a hockey game, you'll know that I can get a little animated. I must admit at this point, that this is even the case at my sweet nephew's soccer games as well. "Come on guys! Run for the ball! I don't care if your six. Focus!!!"
7. Lover - This is an odd choice to follow heckler, but I would like to think that a heckler can be a lover too. I love people. I love life. I love today and I'll most likely love tomorrow. Despite my fickle nature, I am a faithful and loyal lover of people.
8. Adventurer - I'm ready! Let's go! My normal response to just about anything, at just about any time, is "Woohoo! I'm in! We are so fun!"
9. Eye-Candy - My current job is not the most challenging, so I have jokingly dubbed my title as Eye-Candy. I hope that this title will follow me all of my days. It's pretty fun to think that your purpose for the day is to be pleasant.
10. Passionate - I am passionate about movies that I love, books that I love, people that I love, politics. I'm passionate about kissing, about babies, about old people, and about love. I'm passionate about food and wine and Diet Coke. I am pretty sure that I can safely describe myself as a passionate person.

So... narrowing it down to only ten words was a tough task as well. I guess writing is always an effort. In my case, it happens to be an effort of love.

**Erika & Jayma gave me some suggestions that are receiving honorable mention.**

They, most definitely, get extra credit for their creative use of dashes!

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20 January 2009

12 January 2009

Peanut Dark Chocolate M&Ms

For those of you concerned with my health...

Today I had oatmeal for breakfast AND dark chocolate peanut M&Ms for my afternoon snack. They are obviously the healthiest of all M&M choices. The peanuts offer me protein and the dark chocolate offers antioxidants. Really I am the queen of healthy eating.

09 January 2009

My name is Melissa...

... and I am a procrastinating perfectionist addicted to M&Ms.

If M&Ms are nearby, I eat them. This morning I had M&Ms for breakfast. I know! I know! It's gross. It's not healthy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Blah. Blah. Blah. I have heard it all, but it seems to make no difference. Normally for breakfast I try and eat Oats & Flax oatmeal. It's the perfect breakfast food, low in calories, full of healthy things and fiber... today I was out of my sacred packets. I forgot to bring more from home and was left to fend for myself at work. There are other instant oatmeal packets in the kitchen... Apple Cinnamon, Banana Bread and other sugar-laden flavors. I chose not to eat those... I ate M&Ms instead. My reasoning is embarrassing... Since I could not have the healthiest breakfast option then why even worry about health at all.

I have always struggled with being a bit of a perfectionist, I've been told this goes hand in hand with my other "p" trait, the gift of procrastination. Basically, if I can't get it done perfectly, then I give up OR put it off. Case in point, this morning's incident... I couldn't eat the healthiest breakfast option so I went with the worst instead. Although in my defense (and yes, I always have one!) I could have eaten more M&Ms than I did AND I could have eaten all of the chocolate covered cashews and strawberries we have laying around here.

There are two morals to this story:
1. I LOVE M&Ms!
2. Logic is lost on a procrastinating perfectionist.

So after initially starting this blog I felt guilty, so I drank a V8. I feel much better!