25 December 2009

My (Virtual) Christmas Card

One more trip around the sun completed and I am now officially thirty, flirty and fabulous.

A year in review:

New Years Weekend 2009 last year found me in Vegas learning how to play Blackjack. This year the plan is to apply that knowledge and make some money. :-) We'll see how that goes...
[Lenny and I in Las Vegas, January 2009]

Valentines' Day was spent celebrating the love of my sister Rosie and her new husband Adam. Wedding weekend in Nor Cal!
[Mr. & Mrs. Malicay]

My dear friend Aimee and I spent a long weekend adventuring in New York City. We had a blast in this city that never sleeps and visited the Apple Store at 2:00 am... just because we could.

We were very sad to leave...

This was a summer of family fun. Pool days... Breakfast brunch at the parents'... Game nights... Our family knows how to have fun!
[This is us visiting with Grandma at her new home.]

September was crazy!!!
Labor Day weekend I took my traditional trip to visit Robin in Seattle and we had a blast. This picture is on Lopez Island.

While I was in Seattle my new nephew Jayden refused to wait for me to get home. He decided it was time to check this world out. He's pretty flippin' adorable! Our family is always excited for new babies.

There is no rest for the weary. We ended a full September with Petra and Pierce's wedding. It was a beautiful day filled with love.
[Mr. & Mrs. Kavanagh]
[It was nice to have the whole damn fam together!]

I was blessed to spend Thanksgiving in Costa Rica this year! Feel free to check some of the archive blogs for more pictures and stories. I had so much fun and it only fed my serious addiction to travel.
[Me, my ticas, and a rainbow after riding horses near the Arenal volcano and ziplining in the canopy!]

[My new monkey friend.]

We celebrated my dear friend Jayma's birthday up in LA. Here we are kickin' it on Rodeo Drive... 'cause that's how we roll.
[Lauren, Jayma, Me & Erika.]

I spent my birthday at Disneyland with my parents, nephew, sister and brother-in-law. It was the best gift! Disneyland at Christmas is the most magical of all places.

General Highlights:
I was published! I am featured in The World According to Twitter by David Pogue. Check me out on pages 199 and 245!

I am so glad to be where I am... This is a sunset picture I took on my way home from work. Southern California is the place to be. I love being near my family and friends. I am very thankful for this past year filled with love and laughter. Thank you all!

16 December 2009

Take the Time

This literally takes ten seconds and it's a great thing to do with kids during the holiday chaos. No one asks for your email address and you don't have to watch a commercial. It's soooooo simple. You choose one of the adorable cards drawn by kiddos, add your name and message and then Xerox prints it out and delivers it to a soldier. It's soooooo easy. www.LetsSayThanks.com

I obviously had to choose the adorable one from San Diego. :-) Dolphins and sunshine... it doesn't get any better than that.

04 December 2009

Pictures: Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Check out my pictures of Pao and my road trip to Tamarindo. We loved the beach! It was such a sweet time with my dear, dear friend.

03 December 2009

Pictures: Arenal, Costa Rica

Check out my pictures of Arenal. I had a great time with Sofi, Pao and Yendri! We went zip lining in the canopy, horseback riding around Arenal AND then relaxed in the hot springs at Baldi!

01 December 2009