24 April 2009

Top One Reason That I Am An Idiot

Yesterday after bowling I was all excited to read my book and finish it or at least come close by the time I went to bed last night... I went to grab my book after changing into sweatpants... "Where did I leave my book?" Madly search the car. Nope. Madly search my room and purse. Nope. Search the car again. Nope. Call the bowling alley, because I had taken it out to show a coworker at the bowling extravaganza. Nope. Check my purse and room and car again. Nope. Decide I have officially lost my book club book...

Call Barnes and Noble to see if I can stop by and buy another copy. (I have reading to finish... I take this shiznit seriously!) Nope. Call Borders. Another nope.

Grump at myself for being so irresponsible and settle into the couch with a new book and alternately read a few pages of the replacement book and watch crap TV shows.

Fast forward to this morning... I walk into the bathroom and the FIRST THING I see is... drum roll please.... MY F****** CONTACT BOOK. Apparently I walked into the bathroom after bowling with book in hand, set it on top of a stack of towels and then proceeded to completely forget where I left it. Mind you I had been in and out of the bathroom at least three times since the infamous book-losing trip...

Lesson learned: NEVER drink, read, and bowl on the same day. It's just too much goodness for one human brain to process... something is bound to get lost in the shuffle... or in the water closet.

16 April 2009

America is a hypocrite?!??!

USA is hypocritical. See: Treatment of China vs. Treatment of Cuba. A very interesting blog... so true!

01 April 2009

Looking good today...

I helped a coworker out with a project today and received this as a Thank You. I love my life!

Speaking of coworkers... look out for tomorrow's blog.