26 May 2010

Things that I LOVE on this lovely Wednesday

This drawer set (which I found on my new favorite website apartmenttherapy) is BRILLIANT!

2.) The "Time After Time" duet with Cyndi Lauper and Sarah MacLachlan is rocking my world. Isn't it the best when iTunes shuffles to a song that you forgot you were in love with? :-)

I flipping LOVE it! Two magical voices in one timeless song.

3.) Glee and all things Gleekalicious...

Last night's Theatricality episode was wonderful. I laugh. I cried. I screamed in shock. ***SPOILER ALERT*** The vampire scene was HYSTERICAL. "Asian vampires are the most vicious of all the vampires!"

4.) Life. I just love life.

01 May 2010

A Thought for the Month...

“Even where you are sure, seem rather doubtful;
represent, but do not pronounce,
and if you would convince others,
seem open to conviction yourself.”

- Lord Chesterfield

...A lesson in humility and effective diplomacy.

As a result of running into this quote the other day, my goal for May will be to speak with humility and to listen more often than I speak.