26 November 2008

My Little Grandma

Grandmothers are just antique little girls. ~Author Unknown

The story goes that when I was young, I walked up to my paternal grandmother and said with much pride "Grandma, look at my new little girl shoes." She responded, without skipping a beat, "Look at my little old lady shoes." Little Old Lady became Little Grandma and we have tenderly referred to her as such ever since.

This morning, my Little Grandma passed away.

She was adored by each of us and we were adored by her. The hole that she leaves is immeasurable, but the space that she fills in our hearts and memories is infinitely larger.

25 November 2008

Manager's Award

Today I was awarded the Manager's Award at work.

I'm not going to lie, I am pretty excited about it!

I recently added some new responsibilities and have apparently done a great job. :-) It certainly feels nice to be appreciated!

Now... what to do with my new gift card? So many difficult decisions...

24 November 2008

Love it!

I needed to google "high five images" today for work. (I'm creating an award to be used in the office.) In the process, I ran into this. Google Images is the best resource ever!

Bonus points if you can tell me where this picture was taken!

Make Balloons, Not War

I laughed out loud...
So I thought I would share.

11 November 2008

True Confession

I JUST figured out the Kay Jewelers song!!!!

"Every kiss begins with Kay"

As in, every kiss begins with "k"

Man oh man... sometimes I scare myself.

02 November 2008

Why Obama? (Dedicated to Chris)

This is Chris' response to my Palin blog:

Shoot Meli, if I had read this article earlier, I would have loved to have a political conversation with you yesterday when you are down here. Even beyond Palin, I am really curious to why people support Obama. Why are you supporting him? Issue, policy, attitude, slogan, what is it about him?

Friendly conversation here, I promise :-)

- chris

So because I love Chris, I am going to answer. :-) Sorry that it has taken awhile... it was a LONG week for me. (See Tuesday's blog.)

Why I am voting for Barack Obama:

The Economy. I would prefer that the man in charge desire to come at the budget with a scalpel rather than to offer an across the board freeze. Obama's phrasing here demonstrates once again that he is evenhanded and levelheaded. We are much better served to move forward (with programs and services still working) with our eye toward the future, than to ask the country to come to a screeching stop while McCain takes lessons in economics. An across the board spending freeze at a time when our economy is limping along would only magnify the problems. A delicate hand to direct the spending cuts where they can be most effective will allow healing and even growth over time. I don't think that I need to belabor the economy issue, since McCain's campaign itself, says that Obama is better prepared in this area.

Community Service. His emphasis on community service (Peace Corps, Americorps, etc) is exactly what we need. Why not support the brightest minds of the current generation to be a part of building solutions for the future? His own experience in community organizing prepares him for leading a country down what could be a difficult road as we climb out of the current economic situation and start to pull out of and recover from the war in Iraq. He has experience in working with people of varied life experiences and heritages. He is ready to lead the "World's Leaders" in a way that a military commander might not be. Military experience values giving and following orders. A man with Obama's experience is better prepared to lead as a peer in the international community, than to lead as a commander of other nations.

The Supreme Court (and the Constitution in general). Obama is a former professor of Constitutional Law. I believe that he will use his knowledge and experience to nominate wise members to the Supreme Court. Even more importantly, I trust that he will keep the Constitution as a clear guideline while he serves as President. Our Founding Fathers spent years thinking about what it meant to lead and what would be necessary not just in the role of the President and the Executive Branch, but also in how each of the branches of government should work together and serve as checks and balances. In recent history that balance has been ignored. I feel that Barack's thoughtful nature and respect for the document that was left behind as our guide, will lead him to serve as a part of the system set in place and not with the thought that he is the "whole."

Foreign Policy. Obama's life experience has given him a rare ability to have experienced the United States not only as a citizen but also as someone who has lived outside of its borders and felt its influence. We are the greatest nation on earth. We are powerful and influential. With that comes much responsibility. "To whom much is given, much is required." Obama feels that weight perhaps more than any presidential candidate in recent history. I believe that you can see the results of that when you look at his foreign policy. He is willing to meet with leaders and start a dialogue with our neighbors around the globe. I know that some have called this naive, BUT I think the reality is that we can no longer sit, as if on a throne, and dictate the types of political leaders that we are willing to make time for in the international community. After the Bush years, the rest of the world will be looking closely to see if the next president sees himself as the boss or as a participant on the world stage. I think that we need to engage with the rest of the world and quit thinking that we are right about everything all of the time. Even if we are right, no one wants it shoved down their throat. I feel that Senator Obama will come as a co-laborer with the rest of the world's leaders and lead in his actions, not in his demands on the actions of others. Better to lead by example than to tell others what to do and not to do.

Health Care. We all must know that our current system needs reform. Obama's proposed health care reforms demonstrates a clear understanding of the problems that everyday Americans face and offers real solutions to solve them in a relatively short amount of time. What he is offering is NOT socialized health care and will cost LESS money over the next ten years and cover MORE people than John McCain's. (I will note here that I AM a proponent of universal health care and universal education up through university, BUT even if you're not, Obama's health care policy will cost less money, which should please any fiscal conservative.)

I want a thoughtful and intelligent president... someone who doesn't jump to decisions and someone who encourages conversations rather than dictations. I think that the smartest and brightest should be our leaders and I think that Barack Obama fits that bill.

"Yes we can!" - It's catchy and empowering, but it's not why I'm voting for him.
I think that Barack Obama has shown his ability to lead and inspire during his campaign over the last two years. It is incredible by anyone's standards that HE is the Democratic nominee this year. He did not get there just because of his charisma (don't get me wrong, he certainly is charismatic.). He is where he is because he surrounded himself with bright people and led them to lead others. That is what a President is after all, a leader. He will lead our country not just in policy, but in character and in attitude. The President should inspire us to action. People have moved for this man in epic ways. I donated money for the first time to a national political campaign and I even ordered a sticker for my car. I DON'T put things on my car, but this year I felt a real desire to let those around me know whom I supported. He has drawn record crowds and inspired millions. More importantly to this blogger, he has inspired me.

Why I will not be voting for John McCain:
This list is shorter, but I wanted to explain a few things.

The flip and the flop.
The "candidate" John McCain looks nothing like the "man" John McCain that many of us thought we knew. How am I to know which one would end up being "president" John McCain? His change over the past nine months has been drastic and, to be honest, kind of frightening. A year ago, I thought I might vote for him, if he made it through the primaries, but now I don't even know where he really stands on anything.

His choice in a running mate.
I'm sorry, but of all of the options in this country, it was Sarah Palin who he thought would "complete" his ticket?!!? There are many other social conservatives who could have come with more experience in diplomacy and just general knowledge about the international stage. I think in four or eight years she could be a real contender... but I think his choice was rash and it certainly caused me to question his judgement.

His tendency to jump before thinking.
As demonstrated in his decision to "cancel" the presidential debate to "help" fix the economy. One more time that I had to ask myself, "what is this man thinking?" At a time when he should have had his pulse on both Washington, DC and the American people, he acted in a way that demonstrated he had his hand on the pulse of neither. He offered what appeared to be no effective "help" to anyone.

All of this to say:

I am a registered Non-Partisan who has decided on her candidate and is hopeful that Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States of America.